Go from “I think this will sell” to “I KNOW this will sell”…
Without breaking your budget.

Today’s CPG companies cannot deny the importance of solid shopper marketing research for both existing brands & new product launches. Understanding if your products are being noticed or if main messages are being communicated before you launch can dramatically increase your brand and/or category success rates.

Image Works can work with you to create customized materials to optimize your focus group research. Partner with your retail customers to test the effectiveness of different in-store or on-line tactics. Sky’s the limit but here are some examples...

  • Test Displays
    Floor Graphics
    Interactive kiosks
  • CPG Package Comps
    Aisle Violators
    In-store visuals & audio
  • Shelf Signage
    Way Finders
    Promotion Packs

Focus Group Boards – create “shelves” of product so real, they’ll try to reach out and grab some! Discover consumer recognition/noticeability of your new package at shelf without renting a gondola and buying competitive product.

No matter what your shopper marketing model is, Image Works can make it happen – when, how & where you want it….